Associate Academic Programs

UOG Pre-Engineering Program

The University of Guam Pre-Engineering Science (ES) Program parallels the engineering programs offered during the first two years at major colleges and universities in the US and abroad. After completing the required course work in this program, students transfer to another university that offers degrees in particular fields of engineering in order to complete their studies.

The Engineering Science program lays the groundwork for study in all of the engineering disciplines. These first two years of engineering study places emphases on learning the tools and theories and provides the background for all of the engineering fields. Students in this program are required to complete rigorous studies in mathematics and the physical sciences of chemistry and physics. Students will also be required to take four Engineering Science courses in order to complete the program. In addition students are also required to take courses in the social sciences and humanities in order to gain a well-rounded educational experience.

The study and practice of engineering require an aptitude for and high competency in the areas of mathematics and the physical sciences. While the pre-requisites for admission to the Engineering Science Program are no different than the basic entrance requirements to the University of Guam, students with weak preparation in the areas of mathematics or the physical sciences are advised that completion of the program may take a great deal longer than two years.

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