Report Number: 83
Year: 1998

Guam Hydrologic Survey Program, Hydrologic Data Collection on Guam: FY1998 Report

No abstract was published. A summary of the Introduction follows.

This is the first annual report from WERI's Guam Hydrologic Survey (GHS) program on the status of hydrologic data collection on Guam. This report can also be accessed from the GHS website at Comments or suggestions can be directed to [email protected]. The GHS was established in September 1997 to "collect, organize, and evaluate data being collected by the Government of Guam and federal agencies regarding the availability and quality of fresh water on Guam, and maintain a centralized database of key hydrologic information". Six chapters comprise this report, covering the following types of data: meteorology; surface water; groundwater; tides; geology; and distribution systems. Each chapter presents information concerning participating agencies, their points of contact, their data collection and management methods, equipment, sampling locations, etc.

John W. Jenson
John M. U. Jocson