Gary Denton

Gary Denton, Ph.D
Prof. Environmental Toxicology

Phone: 671-735-2690 (fax 734-8890) (GMT+10 hrs)
gdenton(weriguam) -

Research Interests

Dr. Denton's primary research interests center on water quality with emphasis on contaminant transport, fate and toxicity, bioindicators and the development of novel pollution monitoring strategies. He leads the Pollution Monitoring and Assessment Program at WERI and is currently evaluating the ecological impact of landfill leachate, urban runoff, wastewaters and industrial discharges on aquatic systems in Guam and the CNMI. Some of his recently completed works deal with the aqueous chemistry of local wetlands; toxic contaminants in harbor sediments and biota; pesticide persistence and mobility in local soils; the biological impact of urban runoff on coastal communities, and sources and effects of nutrient enrichment in nearshore waters.