Dr. Mark Lander

Dr. Mark Lander
Asst. Professor of Tropical Meteorology

Phone: 671-735-2690 (fax 734-8890) (GMT+10 hrs)
mlander(weri)uguam.uog.edu?subject=Faculty - WeriGuam.org

Ph.D. Meteorology, University of Hawaii, Manoa
M.S. Meteorology, Florida State University, Tallahassee


Research Interests

Dr. Lander's primary research interests center on water quantity with emphasis on tropical rainfall, El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO), tropical climate and climate variability, and tropical cyclones. He leads the UOG component of the Pacific ENSO Applications Center (PEAC) at WERI and is currently providing operational long lead-time (1 year) forecasts of rainfall and typhoon activity for the U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands. Some of his recently completed works deal with the distribution of rainfall on Saipan and also on Pohnpei. In a recent project, Dr. Lander installed electronic rain gages on top of the highest mountain (Nahna Laud) in the interior of Pohnpei Island. Since 2003, these gages indicate annual rainfall totals of nearly 350 inches, establishing this location as one of the wettest on earth.