Joseph Rouse

Joseph D. Rouse, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

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PhD. Environmental Engineering, University of Oklahoma (Norman)
M.S. Civil (Environmental) Engineering, University of Hawaii (Manoa)
B.S. Civil Engineering, Missouri Univ. of Science and Tech. (Rolla)
Licensed Professional (Civil) Engineer (GU, MN)

Research Interests

Dr. Rouse's research interests include almost all aspects of environmental engineering pertaining to water and wastewater treatment and restoration of polluted natural environments. Sustainability of water resources is a driving factor in his research, with recent projects including treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters using environmentally friendly systems that achieve high-rate removals of pollutants with greatly reduced production of excess sludge. Other projects focus on abatement of nitrogenous compounds from water by optimization of the natural process of biological nitrogen cycling (nitrification and denitrification) and application of the recently discovered ANAMMOX (ANaerobic AMMonium OXidation) process, which achieves high rates of nitrogen removal with low energy demand. He has also made significant contributions in the field of applied surfactant chemistry for remediation of soils and subsurface environments contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. His publications in this area include pioneering work involving the use of high-performance surfactants for solubilization of hydrocarbons under environmentally realistic conditions. Dr. Rouse has also spent several years in industry where he gained valuable experience in R&D and marketing of environmental products and processes for the global community.